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Default Response to Mike

I explained that the reply I sent you was from HardOCP. Had you bothered to read it, you would have realized that it wasn't even related to our previous e-mail discussions.
That is the problem I am addressing...why drag other people into a dispute you have when they have nothing to do with it?

Nobody from nV News responded to my initial email about the article to tell me that you forbid linking to HardOCP. Instead, it was just ignored...That it an event I take issue with...

After I emailed you asking whether HardOCP links were no longer posted, you DID reply saying that you would post it later. I was very pleased to hear that as I had hoped for an outcome such as this. One part you conveniently left out though then respond later saying that my quick blurb in the General Hardware forum is more than enough and that you would not post the link...

Those who have known me over the years know my reputation and know the type of person I am. I have never had any issues with anyone in the industry...and have always done my best to remain fair and neutral when necessary.

I'll be sure to watch how long this thread remains open...convenient how my initial "farewell" thread is locked...
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