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Originally posted by legion88
The purpose of a video card (performance) benchmark is to compare the performance of various video cards. Therefore, we do not want the CPU to be a dominating influence on the final result like it was in 3DMark2001.
Absolutely right. I think this is where a distinction needs to be made - Is 3DMark a system benchmark or a video card benchmark?

I think FutureMark's biggest mistake is calling 3DMark 2003 a 'gamer's benchmark', suggesting it is benchmarking your whole system, when in reality it only really comes into it's own and a video card benchmark.

The other criticism you can level at 3DMark 2003 is that it is more of a feature test of your video card than a performance test. However, I have to say in this day and age, where the buzzwords are 'cinematic rendering' and image quality, taking that kind of line in a benchmark seems like a perfectly fair and useful one to me.
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