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Default Re: 81.85 = Death on 6800GT

Originally Posted by stearic
I've had the same problem. Not sure what the cause was exactly, but i know it had to do with the 81.85whql drivers. If i was in clone mode my setup was fine but the minute i went dual screen extended view boom my computer froze. I know my video card isn't crappying out on me as i have no problem with the latest ones in linux in dual monitor mode. Well i thought that i should re-install my OS as it was still a fresh install as i was re-installing anyways and i installed some older drivers and bam it works fine. I think it's a problem with the latest drivers. Could be an issue with abit mobo's but i'm not exactly sure. I do have an abit mobo the IC7-G and i'm running a Leadtek 6800nu card. So hopefully this is caused by the drivers and not our hardware going bad.
I have the same thing when I try "dualview" with 81.85, the 78.05 drivers work fine though. I'm using an Asus P4P800 Deluxe, so I wouldn't say it's abit specific. (Using a 6800GT)
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