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Default Re: Whats the difference between the 6800GT and the new 6800GS?

Originally Posted by slick
The GS is only behind the GT by mere decimals of FPS on most tests, sometimes it even has better FPS. The GS is built on a 7800 reference PCB with a 6800GT cooler, except the GPU heatsink is solid copper, which every review site has agreed, allows the GPU to overclock wonderfully with the stock cooler. It's a 12pp/5vp vs. the GT's 16pp/6vp, but the higher clock speeds more than make up for it, and with the potential overclocking the GS outdoes the GT easily. It's built on a 110nm process vs. the GT's 130nm, hence the higher clocks on the GS. Both use the same ram if I'm not mistaken...

All in all, the GS is a much better buy than the GT.
So wait, the GS is built on a G7x core? The Rage3D article linked somewhere else hinted that it was a modified 6800GT/U core.
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