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Default Re: UPDATED!! Howto get NVidia driver installed on Solaris10

I had the same problem "x server could not start on display 0" or something similar.

It turned out that because I did not chose a standard monitor, but my own specification, it screwed things up. Apparently, I could not chose a monitor of my own, at all. My high resolution specified, was not compatible with the standard monitor.

The solution was simple:
comment out the monitor specification (the hsync line and the vertical resolution) in /etc/X11/xorg.conf and everything worked. That is:

# Hsync given here

should be:
# Hsync given here
# 31.5-85

And the same for vertical.

PS. I have a GeForce 6200 AGP and it works. I run 1600x1200 x75Hz, with virtual desktop
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