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Default Re: 81.85 = Death on 6800GT

Ok, I'm running on AGP's 6800GT.

The 81.85 did give me some issues (even though I was using a mod 81.85 then).

Game play will slow down quite badly after a while. My Optical mouse would freeze too at times. Desktoping is slower too. The only recovery is, REBOOT! But, then those problem kept coming back!

So, I switched back to previous WHQL of mod 78.05, all the above-mentioned issues are gone forever and my desktoping is back to normal and very responsive now.

Yes, I think 81.85 does has some issues with "some" 6800GT.

I'm sticking to 78.05 at the moment. Afterall, 78.05 does performs very well already in terms of IQ and frames!
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