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Default Re: X lockup, 4 head OpenGL


I'm still having trouble with X locking up and "IRQ XXX disabled" messages.

I am on motherboard #3 now -- this one does actually assign two different IRQs to the different cards, but my problem persists.

To recap:

Linux kernel 2.6.13-4
Two FX 6600-GT graphics cards, not connected with the SLI bridge connector.
4 independent X screens

Basic openGL programs don't seem to cause problems (glxgears, ssystem...) but my program does.

I am using "advanced" features of the drivers, such as fragment shaders, glXGetVideoSyncSGI(), glXAllocateMemoryNV(), etc.

The lockups (not always a total system freeze) are often preceeded by a "Disabling IRQ xyz" error.

It only seems to happen when all of the below conditions are true:
a) Both CPU cores are active
b) I am using two video cards
c) I am using both outputs on at least one card.

Is there any way the "new driver" will address my problem?

My only other option (that I know of) is the quad PCIe motherboard from Gigabyte, but I don't think I can buy that yet (anyone know?)

Thanks again

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