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Default Just got a FX 5800 Ultra

It think it's an early sample, and it got a bit battered in transit, a couple of the caps were bent over a bit, and the FX flow plastic part cracked in one area. Not sure if it's related, but the text in 2d has some smudging, looks like a white vapour trail off to the right of the text and images?.

Doesn't matter for this samples purpose, as it's being sent back soon anyway, I was expecting a dead card for my purposes. Another thing that leads me to think it's an early sample is that it's not fan throttling in 2d, but running flat out, and yes it's true.....flat out the FX flow sounds similar to a delta CPU fan to me.

Haven't done anything else with it yet but the complete FX flow cooler comes off the card with ease, all of it unscrews or unclips. Something I noticed is the backside ram sink is not copper, but alu with a copper, (or copper effect), plating. It also gets extremely hot indicating the ram chips get very hot.

My water cooler appears to fit perfectly with just some minor filing & base milling in one area
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