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Default Re: Star Wars Galaxies - New Game Enhancements (NGE)

Do you guys honestly trust SOE to do something right with SWG? The whole game is flawed to the core. Now they're gonna try and make it into WOW?
I played the thing for 3 months and every session was shocked at how horribly designed it was. (The space part was kinda fun though.)
I still read the SWG forums every now and then for kicks and the players ain't happy with this news. Sony's basically taking a game that they bought and paid for and changing it to another game altogether...again. Screw your old subscribers to get new subscribers, thats the SOE way.

They should leave SWG the same for the hardcore gamers who still play it and start working on a seperate SWG2: Worlds of Starwarscraft.
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