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Honestly, I thought everything was fine...though I was completely blown-away by the fact that nobody was going to take 5 sec to write back to me and give me a heads-up on the whole HardOCP issue. I figured that multiple years and a few thousand posts would have earned me a 10sec email to let me know that my article couldn't be posted...Then, Mike decides that a quick post in the general forum is more than adequate...a bit of an insult in my opinion...

In the end, it is just the final quarter of a game I didn't ever want to play...All the conflict...the high-school just too much for me to deal with. I am in this industry for one reason and that is to report and review computer hardware. When something gets in the way of that simple needs to be dealt with...Consider my leaving the forums my way of dealing with this conflict in the most effective manner...

Hopefully, people will at least try to understand where I'm coming from in this situation...Best wishes for everyone here...I hope to run into many of you somewhere along the way...

Take care guys...

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