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Default 6800GT Dead?

Well I made a post a few days ago about how my card was hitting temps of like 95 degree's playing a simple game like World of Warcraft and asked for quick opinions on 2 coolers im thinking of getting, but it may be too late

So I tried to put more AS5 on the chip, and surprisingly it lowered my temps on WoW from 95 down to 70, and from 69 idle to 52 idle... and worked for a day, but I left my computer on like it says to do with the AS5 for a few days...

But now when I try to play WoW or anything that uses graphics, my whole computer locks up and I get a bluescreen saying that my nv4_disp something failed or something giving me some big error and saying that it may be a problem with my hardware, or the driver itself, so I reinstalled the drivers trying a few different versions, and still get the problem.

I dont know what it could be... if some AS5 got onto the card itself would it wreck it? anything else that could cause this to be happening?

Need some advice, and this time please dont ignore it like my other thread
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