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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

Originally Posted by bender1
Thanks Martin.
Is very interesting that thing you are talking about but if I understand it correctly I also think the i386 port should have the same problem (and we have the driver). I was thinking that their code is just very i386 dependant, not clean. But again there's a Linux 64bit driver for a while and a FreBSD ports should be possible. I can't imagine a real reason for knowledge is very limited
It has nothing to do with "cleanness".

As I mentioned, I think but am not entirely sure, that this cache control is not in FreeBSD/i386 either.

However, it is possible that either I am wrong about that (don't think so) or that this is architecture-dependent, that NVidia wants control over the CPU cache that only exist in amd64 and has no equivalent in i386.

Maybe Zander can give an official word?

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