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argg... after working my ass off to try and get my nforce board to work with 7.3, i decided to shoot for 8.0... everything went fine until i went to go edit my XF86Config file in the /etc/X11 directory... it wasnt even there!! so where is it? i tried to reinstall XF86 just in case it wasnt installed, but it told me it already was...

btw, with no pico in RH8, which is the best program to use? how can i edit the file? (pertaining to if i find it...)

**edit ** after reading some other pots on here, i realized i hadnt installed my recompiled src rpms, but after doing so, still no config file **edit**

my other question is, i try to start x, and it gives me the no screens found error. if i get the config file squared away, is this most likely the problem and will this work now???

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