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Default Re: 7667 issues; black screen/ X windows crashing

Wooooh... been busy doing other things, lately.

Originally Posted by netllama
Can you generate another bug report after starting X without NvAGP=0?
Unfortunately, no. Sorry, I should have been more clear: If I have NvAGP=2 or NvAGP=3, the system completely freezes with a black screen. I have to do a hard-reboot. The best I can do is provide the partial Xorg.log that gets written. I've attached it.

If I have NvAGP=1, it starts X okay, but

$ cat /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status
Status:          Disabled

AGP initialization failed, please check the ouput
of the 'dmesg' command and/or your system log file
for additional information on this problem.
$ dmesg | grep -i nvrm
NVRM: loading NVIDIA Linux x86 NVIDIA Kernel Module  1.0-7667
NVRM: not using NVAGP, an AGPGART backend is loaded!
Originally Posted by netllama
Also, what kind of motherboard are you using, and which BIOS version?
Motherboard: EliteGroup (ECS) 760GX-M
Chipset: SiS 760GX+964
BIOS: Phoenix Award BIOS version 6.00PG

Sorry, I can't really be of more help.
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