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Default Re: NVidia should STOP supporting Linux

Originally Posted by wnd
According to Wikipedia (I know it's not an authority) "Doom 3 achieved gold status on July 14, 2004" and "Linux version was released on October 4". Correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't sound like it was on the CD.
It wasn't. Nor was there a quake4 Linux binary when it was released.

The Windows versions always come out first simply because everyone (game developers) is about making $$ as fast as possible, and M$ has an undeniable stranglehold on the computing software market. It's only logical for game companies to target the largest user base first and then make a few extra bucks with the other groups (Linux, OSX, etc) later.

The only people I know of to ever release Linux binaries were the folks at the now-defunct Loki Games. But even then, they took code that was written for Windows and ported it to Linux. It's a shame that Loki went under; we need more folks like them to target alternative OSes to get the mainstream interested in such alternative OSes. A lot of people don't consider using Linux because the first thing they ask is "Can I run this game and this program on it?" and the answer is usually "No" or "Not without some work on your part". This is the response because there's (still) relatively very few companies writing mainstream code for Linux (compared to Windows); there's few companies writing mainstream code for Linux because there's few users (compared to Windows). See the catch-22? I hate chicken-and-egg problems.

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