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Default VIM to the rescue

ok... here is what I think you need to do...assuming you have installed the 3 drivers already

first, there is no XF86Config in RH 8.0 until you run # redhat-config-xfree86 ... since your board is an nforce you will need to add --set-driver nvidia so the command to enter is

# redhat-config-xfree86 --set-driver nvidia
this will create an XF86Config file
to edit use vim... (usually referred to as vi)... so vi XF86Config will open the file (similar to pico) to edit a line you need to hit the insert key first to change back from "edit" mode hit esc...
make the standard changes to the XF86Config file then hit esc then :wq in one line w(write) q(quit) this will take you back to the command line... thenstartx and you are away!

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