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Originally posted by intercede007
I don't see what pelly is doing as being any differant from what the Envynews crew did. They were very vocal about their breakups, and it got everyone's panties in a bunch. Now pelly wants to put something out into the air, and its unfashionable?

If anything, it should have ALL stayed behind the scenes. But it saw the light of day, and it might as well keep coming until its finally purged.
that was private and so is this. memory would serve well to note that the other thread was locked too eventually, as it obviously got out of hand, and ended up in at least one ban.

as has been noted earlier the mods were the people leaving, so there was really no one to do any damage containment. you can't expect us to be at our computers 24/7

and pelly already made a big fuss when he left around the same time as the Envynews crew, only to return...only to make another fuss.