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Default Re: Star Wars Galaxies - New Game Enhancements (NGE)

Originally Posted by Gorion
I never made it past Beta. That was enough for me.
Thats cool, coz the game never made it past Beta either.

I played it for a few months mostly in crafting professions: Droid Engineer, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith etc. I'd get so far into my chosen profession and always run into a bunch of stuff that was broken, or in the case of Droid Engineer, completely unfinished. Nothing like entire branches of the skill tree that are completely useless.

The day I quit is when they broke armor with a patch. All types of people armor and droid armor broke and had no protective benefits. This was a bug well know in the test center. The whole community knew it about it. SOE knew about it. But they still deployed the patch anyway knowing it would break an entire profession. How can you knowingly deploy a change that you know will break a good portion of the software? If I did that in my job I would be fired!

The game was totally unbalanced too. When I was playing it creature handlers pretty much owned the game. Everyone was running around with baby rancors etc. Nobody used droids because they all sucked for combat. It was more like pokemon wars than star wars.

Loot and dungeons were crap too. I did several of them only to find three containers at the end, one contained some useless item (e.g. a blaster pistol barrel or some ore), the other two were maglock containers which at the time nobody could open... Yeah, you put a bunch of containers in the game but forgot to include the skill, tool or craft necessary to open them... good job douchbags. I bet that issue had been around since the beta too.

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