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Originally posted by abb
Well, I just ran the 3DMark 2003 on both, my Radeon 9700pro & my Ti4600. I scored an OK 5145 with my 9700 and a disgusting 1689 with my Ti4600.
And that's exactly how it should be. 3DMark03 is meant to test new tech (PS1.4 and 2.0 among others). GF4 does not support them, they have to use (slower) PS1.1 instead. And that REALLY hurts! But it's not problem with 3DMark, it's NV's problem for not supporting better tech.

Again: 3DMark is supposed to test new tech. GF4 doesn't support that new tech, so they don't do so well. It's NV's problem, not 3DMarks. Maybe NV should have decided to support new tech, instead of holding the industry back?
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