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Originally posted by Nemesis77

PS1.4 and 2.0 are the things that will be used in future games (Doom3 anyone?), and that's what 3DMark tests. If NV wants top keep on pushing yesterdays tech, they can do so. But they can't then whine if they don't look so good in softwre that takes advantage of new tech!

If NV wants to find someone to accuse over this thing, I suggest they look in to mirror. Fact is that Ati's entire product-lineup supports PS1.4 and DX9 (well, 9100 doesn't support DX9, but it has PS1.4). Large part of NV's lineup is still DX7 (GF4 MX)! NV has been holding the industry back, it's about time they catch up!
Well said! heres a link and a quote from it that a Mod in another forum has pointed out to me:,888205,00.asp

"We spoke with company officials from ATI and Dell, and both companies believe that 3DMark03's methodology and implementation are essentially sound. Dell, in particular, will be using the benchmark as one of its metrics for qualifying 3D GPUs.

So it seems that nVidia may just have to suck it up and live with whatever issues they have, since the biggest system OEM in the world will be judging its GPUs with this benchmark. " --Quote

For Nvidia to not support the benchmark because it makes their cards look like crap is a cheap shot and a desperate cry for help.

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