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Default FreeBSD x64 NVIDIA DRIVER - now possible

Now with TLS (thread-local storage) and GART support well supported for FreeBSD-amd64/6.0-STABLE, with Linux x86-64 and FreeBSD x86 supported, it seems that there is no reason that there should not be a FreeBSD x86-64 driver, as the community is growing, and those in this forum only represent a small minority of the total FreeBSD AMD64 users with NVIDIA (we all know open-sourcers love NVIDIA_; exp. that now the 7800 is the BEST GRAPHICS CARD, AMD64 - the BEST PROCESSOR; FreeBSD - the BEST OS).

Because of this, I am forced to use the x86 version of FreeBSD (I need 3d graphics b/c I use them a lot and hope my 64 bit addressing will save me sometime). It is not that the FreeBSD Kernel (or any other kernel) support 32 bit drivers, so it seems that we need a 64 bit driver for the best processing and best graphics possible (with X.Org).
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