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Default Re: Futuremark's Response (to 3DMark03 Criticism)

Originally posted by MikeC

Does this mean that 3DMark03 is now completely bottlenecked by the vertex shader performance?

No it does not. Try running 3DMark03 in different resolutions. If the benchmark was vertex shader limited, you would get the same score on all runs, since the amount of vertex shader work remains the same despite the resolution change. Game tests 2 and 3 scale very well with the resolution, and are thereby mostly pixel shader limited.
Pentium 4 2800MHz overclocked to 3000.
ATi Radeon 9700Pro

Driver settings: default

2003 settings: Max anisotropy = 1 (default = 4), texture filtering = bilinear (default = optimal).

At 1024x768x32
game 2 test: ~ 30 FPS
game 3 test: ~ 28 FPS

At 1600x1200x32
game 2 test: ~ 15 FPS
game 3 test: ~ 15 FPS

game 2 test showed a bit of choppiness in the beginning at 1600x1200x32.
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