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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by nVidi0t
WoW doesn't suck. If Wow sucks, you don't know the definition of suck.
suck Audio pronunciation of "suck" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (sk)
v. sucked, suck·ing, sucks
v. tr.

1: To draw (liquid) into the mouth by movements of the tongue and lips that create suction.

A. To draw in by establishing a partial vacuum: a cleaning device that sucks up dirt.
B. To draw in by or as if by a current in a fluid.
C. To draw or pull as if by suction: teenagers who are sucked into a life of crime.

3: To draw nourishment through or from: suck a baby bottle.

4: To hold, moisten, or maneuver (a sweet, for example) in the mouth.

5: Vulgar Slang. To perform fellatio on.

6: World of Warcraft.


Whether WoW performs fellatio or not, I'm moving onto something else as soon as I can [hopefully Dark and Light isn't as crappy as I fear it will be].
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