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Default Re: 6800 GT Memory problem??

I have tried all of the things posted on the stuttering thread which includes AGP aperture size (64,128,256), Fast Write (off,on), and a variety of tweaks to reg. The best example of my problem is in the new game GUN. Since the game is pretty open ended it allows you to transition from indoors to outdoors. Everytime I go from indoors to outdoors or vice versa I get a lag/stutter which seems to be caching/swapping of memory. It also is the same problem when multiple enemies are on screen like I said before. The problem is GUN has an engine that pales in comparison to most newer PC games. It doesn't have super nice textures and doesn't have any directx 9 effects. This is why it ran perfectly smooth on my buddies geforce 4400 in my machine with no stuttering/swapping. I am pretty stumped tried a bunch of stuff last night to no avail. I am really beginning to think the card is just going bad.
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