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Default Re: My 7800 GTX Benchmarks

I had low 3DMArk05 scores.... at about 6500. Most forums suggest that this is due to the puny Intel 3.0ghz limitation.

SO I decided to overclock the hell out of it in hopes of saving my rig. Since I am a noob to overclocking... i had many start and stops... finally managed to get a stable clock at 3.45Ghz.... And the results were very encouraging..

New 3DMark05 score at 7498!!! Does not touch the 8k++ figures some others are putting up.... but my 7800GTX is not OCed yet... still stock at 430/1200. At least now I feel better about my rig. Game play is slightly better as frame rates have improved.

Next will have to learn up a little bit more about OCing to higher frequencies... next target 3.6Ghz!!
Mobo = Asus P5ND2 SLI
Processor = Pentium4 3.0 LG775
Memory = Corsair 1GB DDR2667
Graphics = Asus Extreme N7800GTX (Not Top model & non SLI yet)
HDD = WD Caviar 160GB
Optical Drive = Samsung DVD R/W
Monitor = CMV 17" DVI
Speakers = Altec Lansing 4121
Casing = Cooler Master Centurion 5 (CACT05)
PSU = Enermax Noisetaker 485W
OS = Windows XP Procoolermas
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