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Unhappy problem w/ my geforce 4 ti4200....

my problem goes like this, recently i just bought a geforce 4 ti 4200 (128mb). when i got home, i install it to my computer as i'm very eager to try it out for a spin. to my surprise problem arise. my pc keeps hanging when i try to run graphics application (eg games, mad onion etc...) but it's in idle(no other application running except windows) it can run for hours. i spent many hours trying to figure figure how to keep it running in perfect form. i've tried intalling the latest driver from nvidia (det 30.xx), even tried to do a clean install for so many times yet all failed. i was ready to give up hope until finally i was able to keep it running just like i wanted it to be. i was so amazed by the clarity and sharpness delivered my my new gf4 ti 4200 card. i even tried running mad onion for 2 or more times and it never crash. i was so happy so i gave it a rest, then the next morning when i power up my pc and try benchmark it again, the same problem arise.

this is what i have : athlon 1ghz, 256 mb(ddr), msi k7 master-s(amd 760 chipset), maxtor diamondmax +60 (20gb),cd-rw drive, cd-rom drive, firewire pci card, usb 2.0 pci card

can someone tell me is my rig not enough to run a gf4 ti 4200 card? w/ regards to heat....i don't think its a problem coz while i'm troubleshooting my pc i left the casing open and i set my room temp to 17C. there's even a desktop electric fan blowing air directly to my pc....or was it that my psu is having some power leakage. or should i replace my 300watts psu w/ a much powerful one, let say 350 watts to 400watts????

pls. advice. thanks.
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