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Default K8N-DL won't boot Centos 4.1 after install


I am at a loss what to try next. I have installed Centos 4.1 8 times with different software RAID configs and the default disk partitioning. What gets me is it can instal just fine, obviously knows where the 4 SATA II disks on the nForce4 Pro controller are etc. But everytime I go to boot it just hangs after the "Verifying DMI Pool Data ..............." .

I am on bios revision 1007. I note that when I boot from CD it comes up with "Booting from the CD" or something similar. I expect that if attempting to boot from Disk it would display a similar message. So I am guessing that it is the nVidia nForce4 Pro that is the problem here.

I have disabled the nvRAID in the bios and the 3114 too. The 4 disks showup in the bios no problem. I know folk have used this motherborad successfully with bios revision 1006, maybe I should revert. From what I gather reading various forums NVidia don't give a damn about the Linux market, I should have researched this before buying 4 of these boards...



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