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does anyone have numbers for a r8500 or r9000 using PS1.4 vs PS1.1?

the way i see it, if the true DX8 gen cards from ATI gain nothing from PS1.4, there really is no reason to code in PS1.4. after all, from what i'm hearing, the r8500 (and by extension i assume the r9000 falls into this case) performs poorly, even with PS1.4 being used.

what this means is that the real cards benefitting in the DX8 games tests(ie GT2 and 3) are the DX9 generation of ATI cards, r9500 and r9700. and of course presumably the gfFX, as people say that if you support PS2.0 you also support PS1.4.

i really don't see why PS1.4 should be supported as a DX8 baseline if DX8 cards don't gain any benefit, so the conclusion really depends on the answer to my question. unless of course, PS1.4 is easier to code than PS1.1
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