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Default Re: Guild Wars PvE update - Eles get the boot

superklye, Ninjaman09, I would really recommend that you give the game another shot. The Searing is about ~5% into the game, you've just begun for heaven's sake! I agree that the game is hard, but IMHO I am a very bad gamer with horrid reflexes and concentration, and even I have been able to adapt. I have a few suggestions:
- This game was NOT meant to be soloed. You can pick up henchmen at all towns post-searing. That said, the game is an order of magnitude more fun with pick-up-groups.
- Make sure you have a primary Monk in your group at all times, henchman or otherwise, otherwise you will die. Incidentally, most 1337 solo farming builds are also centered around Monks.
- Don't get overwhelmed by the side-quests. There are just too many of them, and if you start doing all of 'em, you will lose interest pretty quick. Stick to the primary quests and the Missions. The Missions are what advance the game's storyline. IMHO most of the GW missions have been designed very well and are thoroughly fun to play (very different from regular quests, *much* more fast-paced).
- I agree with your point about item vendors. You do have powerful weapons, but the drops are very rare. Even if you have the most powerful weapon in the game, though, you *will* die if you don't have a Monk in your team. Also, weapons matter pretty much only for Warriors and Rangers.
- Overall, this game is a lot about how you use your skills.

Hope you enjoy it
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