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Default no sound no ethernet on SuSE8.0-A7N8X-nforce2

I can't get the sound and net drivers working following the instructions and rpm on the cd that comes with the ASUS A7N8X deluxe mboard. (Asus says don't use nvidia's website drivers; use asus cd instead.) So what to do?

I've got XP installed on 120 gig partition, all working fine, sound and network included. SuSE 8.0 on 40 gig partition. Boots from floppy into KDE fine, but I got it booting into text mode on purpose. Everything seems to be ok except sound and network.

I see other posts here re this prob. And some people seem to have Redhat and Mandrake working maybe Debian and others too. SuSE seems to ignore it or be oblivious to it. Their yast installer detects the nvidia vga and m/b and builds an appropriate kernel for nvidia.

Personally, I think it's because the A7N8X bios won't let you set the io and irq for onboard peripherals "by hand." (choices are auto or disable) Just my hunch because one person reported problems booting linux after winxp. It's that issue of Does the OS set up the irq's or the bios/ user.

Has anybody gotten this combo working? I'm ready to give up on nvidia and move on to something else.
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