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Default Re: Suspend and 2.6.14

Originally Posted by fm2503

The following is seen as the system attempts to sleep
NVRM: ACPI: unsupported event: 2
Could not suspend device 0000:01:00.0: error -1
I don't really understand why people are only seeing this now because I saw it with 2.6.13 and, I think, 2.6.12 as well.

For whatever reason, the driver is getting an S2 event when it should get S3. So, what to do? Edit the code and set it to handle S2 like S3. It's a pretty trivial edit to make. If people have trouble working it out, I'll post more details, but I have to run for now.

I have a Tecra M3 and with 2.6.14 and some sata patches, it will suspend and resume just fine.
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