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Default FutureMark License/HardOCP

There was a link over @ Beyond3D, linking to a post made over here; however, I couldn't find the post (at least, according to the link provided).

At any rate, this is what was said in the FutureMark PDF (verbatim)...

Futuremark's recommendation has always been that default WHQL certified drivers should be used for benchmarking purposes. This is because any specific driver tuning might produce results that are not genuinely comparable. According to 3DMark03 license agreement, any review to be published has to use generally available, shipping versions of products and drivers.
Just to make sure there wasn't any misunderstanding with the license, I found the relevant section

VII. State that all products used to obtain the Result were shipping versions available to the general public.
As you can plainly see, the results posted @ HardOCP are in violation of the license agreement, and therefore must be considered invalid
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