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Originally posted by StealthHawk
does anyone have numbers for a r8500 or r9000 using PS1.4 vs PS1.1?
Here. Of course, that is R9700, but it gives you some idea regarding the difference in performance between different versions

EDIT: This is from Beyond3D forums:

Trolls lair dies on the 8500 with ps1.1, freezes after the loading screen and after rebooting I get the serious error message and one that the display adapter couldn't finish a drawing operation.

Athlon XP 12.5x141, 512mb DDR333, 8500 at 310/310.
With PS1.4 and VS1.1:

GT2: 7.3fps
Ragtroll: 5.0fps

PS1.1 and VS1.1:

GT2: 6.2fps
Ragtroll: 4.7fps

So there is a speed increase but its not a huge one.
PS1.4 performance seems to have gone up in the drivers recently though. In the 3dmark2001 APS test I used to get ~75fps on PS1.1 and ~85fps on PS1.4, I just got 102fps with PS1.4 with 1.1 still 75fps.

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