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Originally posted by Hellbinder
Nvidias new Drivers *cheat* in 3Dmark03

Looks like the GFFX is winning becuase they are not rendering any explosions, and missing other effects. Guess thats how they got so fast so quick, yet made no change to the non scoring benchmarks...

Dont you find it a little odd that you somehow kyle didn't notice that? or make any mention of it? I find it pretty odd.
Those drivers are 42.86
The drivers Kyle used were 42.67

So please, if you want to flame nVidia, at least get your facts straight.

I'm really getting annoyed by all of the crap being invented in this 3D Mark 2003 debate. I'm more and more considering writing an article about it. Anyone think I should, or is there enough articles about it already?

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