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I now removed the kernels agpgart-Support so nvidia has control over AGP now. nvidia disables AGP (as described in the README), which is fine with me as long as the performance is the same as with nv.
Unfortunately it isn't

Hmm, maybe the test with the small window above the browser wasn't a good example after all.
I just wonder why there is so much CPU involved when using the nvidia driver. Isn't the driver supposed to transfer graphical stuff to the card not to bother the CPU ? At least in 3d related stuff?

Here is another test:

close all desktop apps. start two console windows a 80x24.
run "top" in the fist and type "P" to sort by CPU usage.
move the second window in small circles as fast as you can.

CPU comes up to 40 %

[nvidia with glx]
CPU comes up to 65 %

[nvidia without glx]
no difference

I think that explains my performance probs relating office/video applications ?! But why ? Is this normal ?

AMD K6-2 450
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