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Default Re: Guild Wars PvE update - Eles get the boot

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog
I sort of figured that being it's a "mmo" of sort. I just remember it having those henchmen so I was just curious if it could be solo'ed. Being I only played it ofr a few hours I wasn't sure. Just with already having the game I thought I would give it a try but like I said earlier, wow tarnished my experience with MMO's. I just need a break from all the self-absorbed, temper-tantrum, drama queens. Maybe it's time to start looking at consoles
Play a real MMO and you won't have this problem..... wait nm no REAL MMO's exist.... the last one there was, was EQ, which went drastically downhill after being taken over by Sony.... It sucks now, but still probably better than WoW imo....
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