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Default Re: unable to compile nforce driver under Slackware 8.1

Originally posted by ychai4
cc1: Invalid option `-falign-functions=4'
Edit the Makefile and change -falign-functions=4 to -malign-functions=2, re-make, and see if that helps.

In gcc 3.2, it's an -f option, and the argument is a number of bytes to align the start of the function to. But in gcc 2.95.3, it's an -m option, and you use the logarithm base 2 of the required alignment as the argument. In other words, gcc 2 takes the argument you give it, raises 2 to that power, and uses what it ends up with.

Now, this is assuming that the Makefile is actually wanting a 4-byte alignment. If it's just confused (and using an f instead of an m), then keep the 4. I'm not sure how to find that out, though, other than looking through the mess of a system that is kbuild...
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