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Default Re: Re: Re: FutureMark License/HardOCP

Originally posted by Sazar

sry yer sentence structure is all screwy

3dmark03 will be used still IMO... but perhaps WHQL certified is the key word lol
Sorry didn't look back at my spelling/structure

The article VII says you need to :
State that all products used to obtain the Result were shipping versions available to the general public.
Then, you can't use 3DMark, for any preview cos the product's not available, and make reviews before the product is available even if you use WHQL drivers.

So, what do i do as a reviewer? I wait till the product is available or do i make the preview/review without 3Dmark? I think that as a reviewer, i do the review and i say f... u to FutureMark.

That's why i think this article will never be enforced or FutureMark can say bye bye to its selling

Hope i'm clear
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