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Default Re: Futuremark's Response (to 3DMark03 Criticism)

Originally posted by MikeC
Why Is the Vertex Shader Skinning Used Instead of a CPU Skinning?

It has been alleged, that there is a design flaw in the code related to skinning the characters multiple times with the hardware vertex shader. It is an erroneous allegation and an invalid argument based on the following facts. 3DMark03 is designed to measure DirectX 9 compatible hardware. This level of hardware does skinning several times faster than the CPU. This can be confirmed using the vertex shader test of 3DMark03, which is designed to measure above all skinning speed. CPU vs. vertex shader skinning can easily be compared by running this test with and without software forced vertex shaders.
Just one little comment on this. How in the world can this be true? You would pretty much always use a different codepath with fully-software skinning than you would use with vertex shader skinning.
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