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I was running the 42.68's when I had it in but the fan noise was too much to bare for long, so I'm back with the R 9700 until the FX has the water-cooler mounted.

When running the card in 2d the main frontside FX Flow cooler was no more than warm, but the backside alu ram sink was 53C in a 20c room ambient with open case no case fans, (the fan was running flat out in 2D and does not appear to throttle on this example). Not really tested it in 3D properly yet as I lost my o/s and most backup discs recently due to a break in at my house, so downloading everything is going to take a while on a 33k dial up... more on that HERE.

It's not mine to keep for long, and was just a card in a jiffy bag that came by post a was a bit battered on arival, (no box or discs). I have limited time due to work etc, so benching is something I wont be doing. Apart from lack of time I hold little value to anything the futuremark app indicates, as all previous mad onion versions are biased in some way or another to certian hardware, and also not a true indication of actual game performance.

will have some pics of this FX up soon

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