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Default NVIDIA DRIVERS...Try an older version........

After several hours trying to get the latest NVIDIA drivers working with Redhat 8 and trawling the net for help, it became apparent that there was absolutely no reason why these drivers should not work on my system and yet they still refused to, showing me a nice black screen instead of a nice gui. I had tried tar's / src.rpm's and precompiled rpm's to no avail so I tried an older set (ver 3123) of linux drivers and lo and behold 'in like flynn!'. Then I remebered something spooky, when NVIDIA were upto version 40.72 for the windows driver my Card (GeForce 3 ti 200) was fine, when they moved to version 41 something (I think 41.09) my computer suddenly refused to boot XP. So here I am with both XP Pro SP1, and Linux Redhat 8 both refusing to boot with 41.xx version drivers and yet quite happy with pre 41.xx version drivers. If you have done everything required (edited your XF86Config, checked modules.conf etc etc.......) and yet still no joy with nvidia and linux, try using an older Nvidia driver. Does anybody else out there think that Nvidia is trying something new in these post 41.xx drivers that neither Linux nor Windows likes? Does anybody know what it is?..............
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