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Default Re: ***Official NFS: Most Wanted Feedback Thread***

I got my black edition at Wal-mart today! I think it's worth the extra $4 for the black edition. THey had regular for $46, and Black for $49. Of course, I just HAD to choose my Cobalt! the whine of that supercharger is awesome!

Storyline is MUCH better. As for graphics, better then U2, and if you get the game, TURN OFF THE OVERBRIGHT! Everything looks too blurry, you cant even read the signs and stuff.

I absolutely LOVE outrunning the police!

one last thing....THERE IS DAMAGE!!! But it's dumbed down. I hit a log truck head on, and it only "slightly" crinkled my right headlight, and stripped off some paint. The city is gigantic.

Black edition includes:
69 Camaro SS (396)
3 exclusive races (not race types, but just races)
3 new unique vinyls
1 new unique body kit for each vehicle.
Dont bother with the DVD though, it's just behind the scenes footage, and how they mixed the CG with real people, etc.

Josie Maran is hawt!!!!
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