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Default 5900xt - AGP card with PCI-e bios

I just bought an ELSA FX935 video card new out here but it shows PCX 935 during boot up. Elsa's product lineup includes a PCI-e version of the 5900xt and the product name is pcx935 as my bios shows.

One would assume this wouldn't work but given the fact that the PCI-e version just has an AGP to PCI-e bridge chip, I'd assume the architecture would be the same. In my case, the card works but I have a few "weird" issues that I'd like to resolve by flashing to an AGP bios.

Firstly, the card shows temp, which is good. However, no overclocking is possible. I cannot even underclock actually! Anytime I "test" the new settings, it fails. I'm assuming this is because the wrong card is being detected by the driver.

Any of you bios modders out there have any ideas? I've attempted to reflash the bios but am getting some I/O errors when I try to save the old on or flash a new on (more details later when I'm home to copy them down).

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