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Question 3DMark Score for 6600

Hey guys,
A little while ago, I was told that my 300W power supply (450W Max load) is good enough for a GeForce 6600 I just bought. I wasn't too sure... so I decided to run lots of benchmarks...

The Following are performed at 1024x768 with Default settings

3DMark05: 2000 with Post-Processing 3000 W/O

3DMark03: 4500 with Post-Processing 5400 W/O

3DMark 2001SE: 13000

AquaMark: 55000

Tell me if this sounds about right...just wanna make sure my system is tip-top. Please share your scores too if you have a 6600 non-GT

I have a Athlon 64 3200+, MSI Motherboard, 512 DDR PC3200, 80GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache Hard Drive, 300W SPI PSU, and a PNY Verto 6600 AGP Default Settings.

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