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Default Re: 5900xt with PCI-e bios

Several possibilities that I've considered so far in this little mystery. First off, I tested the card with an actual 3d app (3dmark2k3) just to make sure the driver wasn't just freaking out and not letting me adjust frequencies for some non-critical reason. I found that there was actually a great deal of texture tearing so the driver seems to be reporting reality - that there are rendering errors.

So here's the possibilities at the moment:

1. The driver is screwy (doubtful as I've used 3 different builds 7x to current 8x versions)
2. The bios is messed up (also doubtful as 2 different ones showed same results)
3. The video card is faulty
4. The motherboard (agp slot in particular) is bad

I'm leaning toward the motherboard actually. I can test the card in another system and put that possibility to rest in the next 24 hours. I think the mobo might be at fault because after I had my little "mishap" with the old card (the 5900xt is a replacement for an evga 5900se that met it's end), I foolishly put it back into the system to see how bad the damage was.

I should probably explain this a bit better:
I had an old 5900xt and put ramsinks on it. Later, when I bought an nv silencer3 (deal too good to pass up) I had to remove the ramsinks. Turns out my homebrew thermal paste (arctic alumina + epoxy) was too good and instead of the sink coming off, the memory chip came with it.

Anyway, after I put the card back in and realised it would never live again, I took it out and thought about how I'd replace it. In the meantime, I put my other card (a 6600GT) in the system and got no video. I passed it off as a fluke but now I think it might be that the AGP slot is somehow damaged. Perhaps I've overloaded a power or data circuit when I plugged the damaged card in?

I'll report back tomorrow.
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