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Default Re: Re: Re: And since I'm in an extry good mood...

Originally posted by AshG
Heh, you apparently weren't around here in my heyday... Fastest post deleter this side of the Pecos. =) Cut 6 pages from one thread in one sitting (the original Couple Pics - I only cut SPAM, I swear!) and trailed this wacko cultist moron troll through cut/paste posting in almost every forum section...

Heh. Nazi my ass. They could learn a thing or two from the old AshG. I'm just a big ole' teddy bear now...

Geeze, I was gonna jump all over ya...'til:

Originally posted by netviper13
Ash was the uber-mod! Heh, it was all good though because he actually justified his editings of posts, unlike some mods who just wantonly delete topics/posts they don't agree with.

If'n you delete and tell why, that ain't exactly just "chopping posts out". I have nothing against chopping posts, I actually enjoy the hell out of it when I get to cut loose. (You should see me on our "contest threads", I have a BALL! ) But I hate it when forums just try and change opinions by making posts they disagree with just disapear, like....

Originally posted by StealthHawk
who does that?
[h] does! I don't go there!

Just my .02 on moderating, but I'm still sort of winging it.
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