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Maybe I missed something, but I don't remember starting this topic saying I was going to benchmark it?. I'm just a gamer / modder and was giving my first impressions of the card as such, (something that's not always well put over by the review sites, as it becomes a chore to a lot of those that do it as a job).

Very interesting how you percieved my comments. As far as being the type of person who was interested the advancing gaming industry, I'd have to say I'm not in a position or do I have the skill equipment or time to properly test the card to be able to give a true picture that would be anywhere near as good as the best hardware review sites, so I'd rather not try. There are dozens of performance reviews out there if that's what you need, I'm more interested in the physical card and it's design/ cooling etc, with a view to water-cooling it.

My comments about 3D MK are not of the moment, but generally through all versions, and are just that...... my opinion which is why I said "I hold little value to anything the futuremark app indicates"

I have since been informed this FX card was sent to me as dead because of the text issue I mentioned.

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