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Default Re: 5900xt with PCI-e bios

Originally Posted by jimmor
Because the PCX5900xt and FX5900xt share the same gpu chip, you should have few problems flashing and using a 5900 agp bios !

Also, lots of nvidia vga cards have coolbits/rivatuner overclocking issues when using many of the newer drivers. Never appears as a problem when using overclocking tools like powerstrip.

And the problem is mainly resolved by enabling the "DisableInternalClockTest" from within rivatuner ----> At the lower left side of the Rivatuner "Power User" tab, select 'open database' and load the Rivatuner.rtd file. Now at the "Overclocking" sub section, you simply Enable the "DisableInternalClockTest" option by double clicking and entering a '1'
Good advice, except that I noticed artifacting when running default speeds in 3dmark03. I think there really is a problem there and the driver is simply doing its job in checking stability. Only in this case, instability is at ANY core/mem frequency!

I'll put the card in another PC tonight (or tomorrow) and see what happens.
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