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Default Dismayed by X crashes after logout

At this juncture, all I can do is express my dismay. The X server crash phenomenon after logout with multiple local X servers under GDM has been known for a long time. There have been numerous posts, but no solution. We have tried all the suggestions on the forum posts, but to no avail. Worse yet, there is only silence from Nvidia. We're close to losing an important client whose patience has run out. Shame I can't attach a few tears to this post after all the sleepless nights I've invested in attempting to apply a solution.
It is definitely an Nvidia issue. Users of the Linux open nv driver seldom see the crash. I'd be happy to forgo the accelerated video and use nv, but we have not been able to run the nv driver on multiple local X servers. Multi-local X server users with chips from other manufacturers do not have the problem.
In misery,
P.S. Don't get me wrong, fellows. I'm sure you Nvidia people work hard and the Linux community appreciates that. But unfortunately, we need a solution or a workaround. What choice do we have now?
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