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BladeRunner, was not suggesting you should work to single handedly advance the game indusrsty, only i had check out you sig and acutaly seen that waterblock at somewhere before, and in contrast to that i found it odd that you plased no intrest in investaging the advancement in the gameing inudsty. obviously the very recent dx9 is a part of that and 3dmark03 is the fist benchmarking aplication based on that feature set. dissmissing that is damn near as bad a claiming that oj was innocent becuase the glove did not fit. mind you, i am not anti nvidia or anti anyone, only anti bs, for crying out loud, i want the beter 3dmark03 scores to be true for the fx, but the strange circumstances surounding the topic do much to cast doubt on the sitation. sure there are reviews out there but they are very fishy, you on the otherhand i was hopeing we could trust to report on the issue the other review compleatly overlook.

as for the pr rhetoric, it has been discussed quite a bit elsewere but i supose i will review the points in question here:

1) while 3dmark03 is not gods gift to benchmarking sent down on a white horse from heven, that does not make it the spawn of satan either. all benchmarks only hold little value in the overall comupting industry, to dissmiss any one for that reason is absurd.

2) showing newer techonology in a beter light is not being bias, showing superior techonology in a beter light is not bias either. considering that; there is not a benchmark in this planet which could be argued as unbiased.

3) while not intictive of actual gameing preformace, all benchmarks are guilty, 3dmark is less indicitive of that which it sets out to replicate as a q3 timedemo is indicitive of q3 gameplay. sure 3dmark does not use an engine implemented in an actual game, but then again most games don't use an engine implemented in another game either. on the otherhand, 3dmark does make use of the dx rendering api in order to alow the benchmarks of grapics cards useing technology that is avalable to all game developers.

also i do understand that you are interested in playing whith the cooling and i respect that, from what i have seen you are damn good in the feild and i don't like deta blacklabel soundlevel any more than you do. however, again i am dissapointed that you are not willing to spare the 10 minutes it would take to answer the quetsion which everyone else with a fx has been extreemly tight liped on and the only argument. regardless, i respect your choice either way, i just have little respect for some of the arguments you presented as noted above.
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